miércoles, 19 de junio de 2019

ARCANA OF DESIRE - Gabriel-Aldo Bertozzi

Love, madness, exoticism, Freemasonry, myth: all these elements make up a tale of wandering along the pathway of existence.

A story set in the autumn of 2010 along the Nile and in France (Paris, Chartres, Rheims). A novel where the quest for immortality is intertwined with a love story. On a voyage to Egypt, the architect Martin de Freycenet-Latour falls in love with a new Nefertiti.

The author, like an alchemist, sweeps away the solitude of beings to revitalize the music of the spheres through a course of initiation and emancipation.

Gabriel-Aldo Bertozzi is the founder of Inism, an international avant-garde movement created in Paris which has spread especially in Europe and the Americas. El Doctor Sax has previously published his novel Return to Zanzibar in David W. Seaman’s English translation.

Novel translated from the French by David W. Seaman, professor of French literature at Georgia Southern University, specializing in the avant-garde.