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RETURN TO ZANZIBAR - Gabriel-Aldo Bertozzi

Return to Zanzibar, a French novel first published in 2008 by Editions du Rocher, and the following year in paperback by Motifs, is an inspired and powerful road movie of incredible originality, involving alchemy research, and imbued with visions of antiquity. In 2013 it was translated into Italian for Pironti Editions in Naples. The lover of poet Julius Applemayer has left without a word, leaving behind only an assortment of unusual and mysterious objects: an edition of Arthur Rimbaud’s works, a post card showing a fresco of the Queen of Sheba, a golden pendant, an Ethiopian banknote, two sheets of enigmatic signs…. On the trail of the fugitive Noname, Julius undertakes a wild voyage that takes him from Ethiopia to Greece, passing through Zanzibar, Tanzania, Togo, France and Italy. Following Rimbaud’s African trail, Julius tries to find meaning in the objects left by the runaway, but will that be enough to lead him to her?

Gabriel-Aldo Bertozzi, writer, artist and university professor, is the founder of Inismo, an international literary and artistic movement created in Paris in 1980. An expert author in narrative techniques which he exploits to offer a work in a new genre. Novel translated from the French by David W. Seaman, professor of French literature at Georgia Southern University, specializing in the avant-garde.

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